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Vol 4 No 1 (2024): Contemporary Journal on Business and Accounting (CjBA)

The 7th issue of the Contemporary Journal on Business and Accounting (CjBA) Vol. 4 No. 1 (2024) publication of scientific studies on contemporary issues of business and accounting as well as other relevant topics and issues in various research methodologies. CjBA is published by the Institute for Transparency and Public Accountability (INSPIRING).

Published: 2024-04-17

Analysis of Financial and Non-Financial Performance of Public Sector Organizations

Case Study of RSUD Haji Makassar

  Muchriana Muchran, Retno Pinasti Putri Idrawahyuni
Pages 1-14

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The Effect of Sustainability Report Disclosure and Company Size on Company Value with Profitability as a Moderation Variable

  Daniel L Pakiding, Kunradus Kampo, Michael Dufan Sucianto
Pages 15-28

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Financial Statement Fraud Analysis Through Hexagon Fraud Theory Approach

Study Cases in Manufacturing Companies Listed on BEI

  Nurjanna Nurjanna, Muchriana Muchran, Rini Sulisyanti
Pages 29-38

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Financial Distress Prediction Analysis Using the Zmijewski Method

Study On Indonesian Pharmaceutical Companes Listed on The Indonesia Stock Exchange

  Wahyuni Umar, Muchriana Muchran, Mukminati Ridwan
Pages 39-48

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The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility on Company Value Mediated by Environmental Performance

  Suwandi Ng, Ana Mardiana, Ervina Ottong
Pages 49-68

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The Influence of Financial Performance and Company Size on Company Value with Disclosure of Corporate Social Responsibility as a Moderating Variable

  Kunradus Kampo, Paulus Tangke, Kirey Gosal
Pages 69-87

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